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We’re all about being and making disciples of Jesus Christ. It’s who we are, and it’s what we do.


Growing and maturing as a disciple of Christ happens in lots of ways - through personal Bible study and prayer, in your relationships, and even when you exercise your spiritual gifts inside and outside the church. At Echo, we’re investing in your discipleship journey, offering solid teaching, leadership, and opportunities for you to serve and grow.


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Online Groups Launch Oct 5th!

In this crazy season, it's easy to get tunnel-vision when it comes to our problems. They all seem so big, don't they? How are we going to figure all this out anyway?

Good news! We don't have to have all the answers or solve all the problems to find joy, peace, and rest. Jesus Christ doesn't just provide those things for us - he IS those things. He is our sabbath rest, he is our unending peace, he is our ultimate hope.

Join us this October as we study who Jesus is and what he does. Click the button below to find and join one of our online groups today!

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Open all year long, Right Now Media is one of our favorite discipleship tools to equip, train, and teach. With a full library of bible studies for kids & adults, you can access Echo Community Church's playlist from any phone, tablet, or computer.

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God built each of us with spiritual gifts and natural talents. The Holy Spirit empowers these gifts in us to help us spread the Gospel. One of the ways we develop and deploy our gifts at Echo is our Serving Teams.


Our teams serve the individuals and families of Echo in lots of ways. Children’s and Student Ministries come alongside parents to disciple their kids. Our musical Worship and Tech teams lead us in singing and worshipping together. Our Welcome and First Step teams create a friendly atmosphere each Sunday. And that’s only a few of them!


If you’d like to discover your spiritual gifts or join one of Echo’s Serving Teams, click on "Find Your Spiritual Gifts"



Meet Echo's Discipleship Pastor! James has served at Echo since 2015 where he oversees growth groups and serving teams. You might have seen him also preaching on Sunday or sharing a devotional teaching online.

James and his wife, Chelsea, enjoy leading growth groups and connect events that bring people together. They live with their daughter in Baltimore County.

Favorite Discipleship Books: "The Lost Art of Discipleship" by LeRoy Eims, "Bruchko" by Bruce Olson

Favorite Biblical Topics: The Gospel, Water Baptism, Revealing Jesus in the Old Testament