The ADVANCE Generosity Initiative

Echo Community Church is a permanent congregation pursuing a more permanent home. Our current facility is no longer adequate to serve the needs of the many people who call Echo their home church. And yet, we remain unapologetically committed to reaching even more people for Jesus Christ who live, work, and raise their families in this community we’re all proud to call home. 


ADVANCE is an intentional and bold step to generously invest in our mission of being and making disciples in Perry Hall and NE Baltimore. Before us is the opportunity to develop a new community landmark to be a gathering place for friends, neighbors, and community to come together for simple worship, solid teaching, and safe programs for their kids, tweens, and teens in a warm and welcoming facility custom designed just for them.


On May 21st, 2017 we appealed to everyone in our church to make a sacrificial, 24-month financial commitment to ADVANCE our vision for securing a more permanent church home.  Our goal is that 100% of those who call Echo home will rally together their bold faith and best efforts to ADVANCE God’s Kingdom!

To give towards the ADVANCE Vision Fund, click the "GIVE ONLINE" button below and select "Echo Vision Fund" from the drop-down menu.

Are you ready to ADVANCE?

WE ARE! Listen to these stories from our Echo family to find out why.


Who can we reach with a more permanent facility?

KIDS, TWEENS, & TEENS - Imagine: kids, tweens, and teens from all over Perry Hall coming together to learn about Jesus in a facility custom designed just for them. A safe place where they can worship, grow, and have fun.

FRIENDS & FAMILY - A warm and welcoming facility that mirrors our hearts makes the decision for our friends and family to join us an easy one! We want our facility to reflect our love - for God, our community, and those close to our hearts.

PERRY HALL & BEYOND - Our desire to develop a new community landmark comes from our love of the people of Perry Hall and NE Baltimore. God is calling us to reach those we haven't reached yet, because everyone deserves the opportunity to say YES or NO to Jesus Christ.